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Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. The 35 best debut albums of all time Show all A new wave of British guitar bands was already being pioneered by the likes of The Libertines, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand when the Sheffield-formed Arctic Monkeys arrived on the scene. It was an early example of the power the internet would hold over the music industry — propelling them from an unknown indie band on MySpace to the top of the charts in the space of six months. Please Please Me has a rhythm to it like little else released by The Beatles.

In , the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuck a middle finger up to the naysayers who scoffed that they were little more than a bunch of posers. More than trendsetters — the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the brains behind the smartest album of that year. Blur versus Oasis is a battle music fans will be waging for decades to come, but when it comes to debut albums, Oasis emerge as top dogs. To top it off, it was masterfully produced and resplendent with slick, catchy dancepop and Eurodisco influences. Gordon has been with CJSW for more than 20 years. Most weeks, 'Lift The Bandstand' has a specific theme.

The theme might be based around the compositions and performances by a specific artist. Sometimes an entire show is devoted to a single composition and the varied interpretations of that tune. A window into a underground, dark , sultry, sexy, and dirty space. Just a few words to describe the feel, the experience and musical journey you will encounter.

Music to suit your mood or fancy. Knowing you stopped by the Love Space makes my day!!!

All love,CiMa. Let's get your party started with "La Fiesta"! Listen to internationally acclaimed Radio Latina Caliente that makes your body move and your heart beat. Lose yourself in the sounds that will fill your soul and get you ready for your night out! La Fiesta - hot, sultry and all you. The satirical voice of the upper lower class. Your weekly relief from popular opinion, politics and coherency. New show, same hotline Leave a message, change the world! Most of my music is Happy NRG driven. One thing in common is upbeat beats and lyrics.

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Now, releasing original material across labels such as Pure Progre We are your sexy, sultry and salty DamesOfDank and we will bring you a new episode every Friday night where we'll talk about sex, dating, relationships, movies, cliterature aka mommy porn and anything else that strikes our fancy! Enjoy listening to the sultry tones of two Glaswegian friends you've never heard of recasting some of your favourite pop culture icons with no hesitation or thought for the consequences of their actions. This podcast will be served twice monthly.

Hints of vocals, sultry basslines, and crisp highs to get you through anything. Dance, socialize, drive, ride, or dine. I will be alternating with guests and myself for each show, so please stay tuned. Each month join NYC curator, DJ and producer Cloak Dagger on an ethereal journey into the exotic, highlighting a sultry collection of forward thinking artists in the ever emerging underground worlds of Jazz, Soul and the Avant-Garde.

Each week Veronika Vox invites you to escape your daily life and enter an endless realm of lustful fantasies with a richly produced immersive audio experience. Unwind with the sultry tones of Peewee and the Big Guy.

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Talking existential issues, news, ethics and everything in between. Don't let life get you down, let us. Nichelle Colvin, born and raised in Gary, Indiana, sings with great emotion and sincerity. Her style in one word would be a "Storyteller". This sultry singer started her career in church at the Rosa Jackson Youth C Following on from her successful debut album, This Silence Kills, young Berlin-based songstress Dillon is speaking about her second offering, The Unknown.

Gaining popularity for her sultry and melodic songs, Dillon is discussing the story behind her latest record and the track creation on it. The title character in Ibsen's drama, Ellida Wangel, is married to a prosperous doctor, but feels stifled by her roles as wife and stepmother to her husband's two daughters by a previous marriage, Hilde and Bolette.

Ten years earlier she had promised to marry another man - and on a sultry summer day, he comes back to her. Ellida must decide whether to choose the safety of her life with Wangel, or to yield to the siren song of the sea. Summary by Elizabeth Klett CastDr.

Wangel: Bruce PirieEl The Brothers English fill your brain with the sultry sounds of their entertaining ramblings. Productions that are second to none and are distinguishable in any arena, Kaje aims to raise the bar and does it rather successfully by combining the old with the new.

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